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There are two types of computer users in the world: the technologically savvy and the permanently confused. Both types can struggle with computer glitches and server errors. If you associate cookies with an afternoon snack – not internet functionality – or you’re befuddled by wi-fi jargon, let the pros complete your home computer system setup.

What to do when your PC crashes?

As your screen turns black, resist the urge to panic. All may not be lost. First, make sure your power cord is plugged in. Sometimes your computer hasn’t crashed – its battery has just run out. If you know your computer has enough charge, wait several seconds before restarting your Windows device. While it reboots, press the F8 key on your keyboard. Once the boot menu appears, select “Safe Mode” from your Windows Advanced Options menu.

Contact Tryon Computers, LLC for comprehensive personal computer services, including:

·  Laptop repair

·  Antivirus software

·  Basic troubleshooting

·  System installation

·  Home computer repair

It’s infuriating to pay for high-tech gadgets that underperform. Let experienced computer technicians address your cyberspace woes. Call 602-448-9676 to learn more.

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